Capture new customers and enhance life policies
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Our wills and estate planning service helps life companies to engage customers, boost retention and provide a powerful message for acquisition
How our services help you
Customer acquisition
Customer retention
Epoq helps life companies to capture new customers and identify whether they have enough life cover by offering a free wills and trusts service. This identifies needs gaps and provides opportunities to offer coverage.
Our service also enhances life policies by giving customers access to wills, trusts and powers of attorney. This helps to increase customer loyalty by providing immediate access to legal assistance.
How our services work
Epoq offers a high-quality legal document preparation service including wills, powers of attorney, healthcare directives
Legal document preparation
Life prospects and existing customers can be given access to a secure site that allows them to create their most essential legal documents at a time and a place that's convenient for them.
Our knowledge-based system collects the user’s details through the questions shown in the left hand panel

The document is instantly customized for their circumstances using pre-programmed lawyer-logic

Users gain access to a secure account space where they can store and print their documents

They can also use our workflow to securely share documents with anyone (such as a trusted advisor).
Collaboration and review
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